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All stories are original pieces written by the blog author, Christin Webb.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Is This a Repeat?

What do I plan to do with this blog?

How many blogs have you read this year? How about last month? If you're reading mine, you probably caught a few and once in a while come across some that really catch your eye. You find yourself passing links on to friends and family via email so their senses too can be entertained. Regardless of the topic or approach, blogs provide outlets for both the author and readers.

Like Abe Lincoln, "I will not tell a lie," this blog is no different. I will use this blog as an outlet to share my passion of writing. While most of my writing is of fictional basis, every now and then, a reader may find general topics of discussion or opinionated issues that I feel must be written on. (At least on my blog).

Why should you read this blog?
As an attempt to truly begin taking serious stabs at publicly sharing this passion, this blog will strive to inspire the reader to look with him/herself and discover that growth is possible and living life in pursuit of just that. That's the theme of this blog and the writings that it will contain: Self-improvement. It has been proven time and time again that change begins with self. Everything else is then affected by that change.

Now twenty-nine, I began writing at the age of seven. At first, my writings were in the form of poems and short plays. By the age of nine, I began producing my written plays to small audiences with actors played by neighborhood friends and family. Eventually, I began exploring my love for writing fictional short stories and more recently novels. I have learned a lot and realize that my learning will never end. I hope this blog paints vivid pictures for the reader to feel thrown within the storyline, but also provides inspiration to becoming greater individuals.

Who should read this blog?
Anyone interested and open to learning the stories and backgrounds of the characters shared throughout the blog, while becoming more in tune with self.

Is This a Repeat?
By no means is this blog a repeat. It is unique in its interest in self improvement through fictional stories.