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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Only Love"

I remember our first walk around the block. The first time we sat outside the house for hours; talking before actually going inside. We weren’t even ten years old. I remember our first date leaving us looking forward to each time we had the next. In our early twenties, we set goals together and dusted off and shined up one another when we failed or succeeded. Our children were raised and have brought us the joys from extensions of our family tree. Even in our sicknesses and maturity, the same scale of love existed from that first walk around the block. He’s felt my heartbeat. He’s been near my soul and I near his. I became the photograph for his love. He became my intention; my heart.

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  1. Nice I love it! You are a very, very passionate person, it shows a lot even in this little piece. You have a gift for saying so much using so few words.