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Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Faith Greater than Fear"

I stood at the top of the mountain inhaling the fresh air of the highest elevation I'd ever experienced in my life. Jonathan, my husband of twenty-two years, pulled me close from behind whispering, "Isn't this beautiful, baby? This is what the top of the world must look like." We were so high up that all could be seen below were clouds of fog and speckles of what once were living trees on our way to the top of the mountain. Before we began, I remember having negated thoughts of fear regarding the climb. While I was eager to take on the challenge, I was also nervous about the uncertainties and unforeseen challenges I assumed would be along our journey. We prayed prior to our first steps and there was no going back from that point forward.

I remember looking back at Jonathan and some of the other climbers every so many feet, but felt something pushing me to keep at my goal. Midway through the climb, my fear began to leave. While I had been nervous and concerned, continuing up that mountain revealed to me that my faith was greater than my fear. And even my breathing, while usually projected to become more restricted, became less restricted. My muscles began to loosen rather than tighten from the defined miles of our path. Again, I felt my faith becoming greater than my fear. It no longer mattered if I was unsure of how stable my next step would be. Nor did it surround my thoughts if someone's step above me would send debris and I tumbling back down. I knew my faith had become greater than my fear.

On the way up we saw small little birds flying with their wings spread wide as if they were big like eagles. As we reached the top of the mountain, I began to feel as strong as the birds. The birds that I once considered to be small proved that their size had nothing to do with the lack of defeat they possessed. Out of all the situations I'd experienced in my life, none were as exhilarating as I found climbing to the top of this mountain to be. The scenery was breath-taking. As Jonathan held me I took a moment to close my eyes and thank God for the opportunity to see a different side of His creation.

It also gave me a moment to realize that had it not been for His creations, His mercies and grace I never would have been able to absorb the sight. There were so many instances in my past when I allowed my fear to overcome my faith. When there were doubts, I let them succumb my ability to succeed. The days I felt nothing but despair, I chose to believe the desolated attitude could not be eliminated by thoughts of success and greatness. Had He not given me another day to learn who He was, I never would have seen "the top of the world" as Jonathan so descriptively stated. I promised myself from that moment on, I'd never take another person, thing, or situation for granted. The challenges I'd talked myself into believing would exist never presented themselves. It happens too often that we allow our fears to succumb our faith; our destinies for greatness. It's amazing to realize that with faith, our fears become faulty. I learned a late life lesson, but I learned it nonetheless. I had finally learned that I had nothing to fear because my faith was in the right place.