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Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Beignet Addict"

Yesterday was the first day I realized I was starting to lose weight. I’m three weeks into a new diet my co-worker introduced me to, and I’ve already lost eight pounds. I do a lot of online dating and one of the first profile requests the website will make is for you to DESCRIBE YOURSELF. What do they want me to answer exactly I’m not sure, but I find it the norm that people usually describe their physiques and personalities. Every now and then someone will describe their likes and dislikes, but in general, the descriptions read “…I look like this and I act like that”. So, I simply follow the masses and my posting usually reads: “Smart, vibrant, and diverse woman fully capable of adjusting to any situation.” I get a lot of responses from that post. So much can be read into it, but I really just consider it to be the truth.

The downside for me, believe it or not, has been the inability to get the “hunter” to see past my looks. The one thing I have grown to find extremely hard to understand is a person that is so shallow if they slapped you it would feel like a fan blowing hot air in your face. I call it plain “RIDICULOUS”. Last time I checked there were no perfect people. So, if you really want a description of me, I’ll tell you that I’m a 5’7, 184 pound, dark complexion, shoulder length hair, African American woman with the confidence of a giant. Who cares that my sides are made for “extra comfort” and my “back” made for caressing? It’s me and I love me. If it wasn’t for my doctor alluding to my weight creating a health issue for me, I would be just fine at my previous status of 192 pounds. I will say however that I definitely do not promote shortening my life expectancy all because I wouldn’t do a few exercises and change my eating habits.

I was born into a small family in the Southwestern part of the country. Both my parents were present and raised myself and younger sister, Rachel. She was always deemed the “pretty” daughter. She was bound to marry the richest, most handsome, insurance salesman she could find. I laugh at the thought of how I was jealous of her back then. Insane I tell ‘ya. It’s amazing how a person can create distorted images of self due to perceptions others have of them. The consequences or actions that follow those self-imposed distorted images can be life altering, halting, and easily have a person on a long term “lay over”; simply at a stagnant point in life. Early on, I learned to accept all that God gave me. Being patient enough to wait on a mature and perfect mate for me has always been the discouraging part.

By the time I was seventeen, I was convinced I needed to indulge myself in education and building a bright future for myself. This seemed much less intimidating and discouraging than hoping a guy would look my way. While Rachel seemed to have a different “beau” every six months, I never dated in high school. I didn’t have a date to my senior prom and no one special to celebrate my graduation; high school or college. I’d also convinced myself that I may be alone for the rest of my life. I felt accepting that point was better than realizing that I just hadn’t yet met “my match”.

My past had become my present. I was all that I dreamt to become. Standing in the mirror, and realizing my weight loss made me feel so empowered. I felt a trip down to the local Beignet Shop sounded like a good treat in recognition of my progress. As I grabbed my jacket and keys, I remembered a coupon I could use. It was “buy one, get one free”. Life was good, but cost savings always fit into my lifestyle. I walked to the corner where the Beignet Shop sat about four blocks away from my condo. When I initially pulled on the restaurant’s door, it didn’t open. I looked inside the window and saw customers sitting down, but the door wouldn’t open. Unsure of what was going on, I turned away and started back towards my place.

“Mam! Mam! We’re open!” a muscular, broad shouldered, heavenly attractive man yelled to me. He was wearing the company’s shirt, a pair of navy khakis and loafers shined perfectly. I turned around and smiled as I walked back his direction. He held the door for me and smiled back as I entered into the shop. “Sorry we had the doors locked for a minute. How dare we have you standing outside and waiting? Your meal is on me today.”

“It’s ok,” I responded, “I am glad you flagged me down. I just love your beignets! I walked a good little distance. And let’s just say I don’t usually do a lot of walking,” I said continuing to smile. I felt a little blush surfacing my face and enjoyed the feeling.

“Well, I’m glad you did, ‘mam! I’m glad you did,” he smiled even harder in response. “I’m James. I’ll be your waiter. All I ask of you today is that you only let me be the person to cater to you. Can you do that, ‘mam?” he asked as he grabbed my hand running his finger in circles in my palm. I wasn’t sure if he was flirting or trying to ensure a good tip, but I think today may be the day I may become a beignet addict…