This blog contains fictional short stories that advocate self-acceptance and growth.
All stories are original pieces written by the blog author, Christin Webb.

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Christin L. Webb

Who is the Writer: Christin L Webb?

Like everyone else, throughout my entire life I have been faced with the challenge of making the right decisions based on what I was presented. As I've learned, making the right decisions is all about how I feel about myself, what I stand for as an individual, and how I react to any given situation. Exploring those things and following up on the actions that we take make all the difference in the lessons that we pick up along the way. Writing helps me to be in tune with those factors.

Born as the youngest twin and sibling of three sisters in Memphis, Tennessee, I began writing at the age of seven. At first, my writings were in the form of poems and short plays. By the age of nine, I began producing my written plays to small audiences with actors played by neighborhood friends and family. Eventually, I began exploring my love for writing fictional short stories and more recently novels.

After graduating high school in 1999, I attended the University of Mississippi and completed a bachelor's degree in Social Work at the University of Memphis in 2005. In 2011, I completed a Masters degree in Business Administration from Webster University. I currently work as a Procurement Specialist for a local utility. My love for learning and my daughter, Jasmine has continued to push me towards success. Now that the school books are out of the way, it is back to my writing, full speed ahead. I have discovered that my passion, as well as my gift, is to utilize my writing ability to inspire not only others, but myself as well.

What do I plan to do with this blog?

How many blogs have you read this year? How about last month? If you're reading mine, you probably caught a few and once in a while come across some that really catch your eye. You find yourself passing links on to friends and family via email so their senses too can be entertained. Regardless of the topic or approach, blogs provide outlets for both the author and readers.

Through the fiction I write, it is desired that the stories touch the reader in a realistic way. Through vivid pictures, I want this blog to represent the ability to live life to its fullest through self evaluation and growth!
I hope that every reader feel thrown into the storyline and can't wait to read each subsequent word.

As an attempt to truly begin taking serious stabs at publicly sharing this passion, this blog will strive to inspire the reader to look with him/herself and discover that growth is possible and living life in pursuit of just that. It has been proven time and time again that change begins with self. Everything else is then affected by that change.

Who should read this blog?

Are you seeking change? Do you believe positive change is the beginning to positive outcomes? Then this blog is for you. Anyone interested and open to learning the stories and backgrounds of the characters shared throughout the blog, while becoming more in tune with self. If you never read any more of this blog, I hope that you are inspired to begin and/or continue to take on the every day challenge of enhancing self.

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